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Penn Little
Entrepreneur & Investigative Journalist | Story Tips: Email your name, phone, and 2 paragraph summary.
A scene from the Movie “Casino” by Martin Scorsese. Source: Universal Pictures

Undercover inquiry begs a question: has controversial Governor sacrificed the safety of unemployed & “accused” Nevadans in exchange for votes?

Got a lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes. Except you gotta do it right. I mean, you gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk…

– Nicky Santoro (portrayed by Joe Pesci) in Martin Scorcese’s “Casino”

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — In the wee, albeit still-hot morning hours of Saturday, September 12th, Kyle Paredes, 39, of Fort Collins, Colorado, was asleep in his “ole lady’s” Chevy Volt — the very one owned by his girlfriend, whose name adorned his rough, unshaven skin in…

Dona Kay Rule (left) & Nick Price (Right) are nearly identical in age and are legends for special reasons. Sources: Barrel Horse News & Getty Images.

Two pro rodeo cowgirls, two PGA golfers & one’s Hall-of-Fame caddie: prove most recipes for success involve acceptance & being cognizant of helping others.

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — On August 7th, 1991, pro golfer John Daly, now-54, of Arkansas, was likely as unknown as Dona Kay Rule, now-62, of Minco, Oklahoma, was until 2019.

On that date, Rule was likely sitting precisely in the same place she did for 28-years: greeting customers that walked into her small, historic Oklahoma business: The National Saddlery. Daly was sitting in Memphis (likely having a cigarette or sipping a beer) while anxiously clinging to a flicker of hope.

A week ago, Rule was sitting pretty at 3rd in the world standings (a ranking tabulated according to dollars won, just…

Source: Getty Images.

Banks and Risky Loans have been Threatening Healthcare Long Before COVID-19

Two years ago, I wrote a four-part series on discussing an iceberg lurking underneath the then-shimmering U.S. economy. I predicted that

“Health care could be, in my professional estimation, a focal point of the next recession.”

And that it,

“…could cost us as much as or more than the trillions of the 2008 crash…countless lives could be lost from supply shortages.”

Let’s explore why this statement was true then and even more accurate now.

Cracks in the Foundation

As we face a soulless enemy a billionth of our size, people are focusing on how COVID-19 “came out of nowhere” to ravage the country’s…

Slain Cheerleader Heather Rich (left), myself and my childhood horse (middle), and Tiffany (Fox) Case (right) — Three critical parts of this amazing chain of events.

How Cheerleader’s Death Led to the Inspiring Story of Legendary Quarter Horse: ‘Sooner Superstar’

On Wednesday evening, October 2nd, 1996, Heather Rich, angrily left home without her parents’ knowledge to meet another 17-year-old Waurika, Oklahoma High School senior named Joshua Bagwell. An argument with her mother (over a 300-dollar telephone bill) prompted the free-spirited Rich to bolt for the back window. And that was the last night Duane and Gail Rich saw their daughter alive.

A seemingly-typical, turned-edgy high school get-together involving alcohol resulted in Rich’s rape and subsequent murder. …

Alan Dufur (left), Teri Harper Dufur (right), and an allegedly abused buckskin Quarter Horse (center). Source(s): Facebook/Former Employee.

A former employee says Alan and Teri Dufur paid staff for two years, to do nothing — even after reports of starving horses on their Caddo, OK ranch had already surfaced.

Bossier City, Louisiana — The allegations against the alleged horse-abusing ‘Dufur duo’ are clambering to an extreme level. Citing a new court filing, and interview with a key witness, this saga is beginning to rival the story of their fellow Oklahoman, “Joe Exotic” (as demonstrated) in the hit NETFLIX docuseries: “Tiger King.”

“You got the ‘horse queen’ and the ‘finance king,’” says one confidential source, and former employee of one of Teri and Alan Dufur’s companies.

Left: A 2015 Barrel Racing World Championship Buckle. Source: Houston Chronicle. Right: Dufur Ranch in Caddo, OK. Source: Confidential.

‘Barrel Racing,’ ‘TulipMania,’ math, facts, and the money trail provide a stark realization

In recent weeks we’ve uncovered the reality that some allegedly malnourished horses have been pledged as security for some assets owned by the shareholders of Bancorp Southbank (NYSE: BXS). Following verification with a drone mission, the investigation began to assess collateral value. Today, equine assets serve as security for mortgages as well as (in some cases) individual purchases of such assets, much like buying a car.

My Dad, in one of his favorite spots: watching the National Finals Rodeo at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV — passed away March 25, 2020. Source: Author.

Watching people keep my ailing father sick, despite professional advice, proved a global greed pandemic—trumps COVID-19.

Since publishing a few stories in recent years about the mistreatment and seclusion of autistic children in the U.K., people have often asked me, “why did you take such an interest in helping autistic children?” My answer: empathy.

I could understand what it was like for these parents, notably one named Jeremy, basking in uncertainty, separated from his child who has been living in terror and darkness. The seclusion is simply the crude actions of people concerned with fattening their wallets while living aloof to the notion they’re draining someone else’s heart.

Understanding began about four years ago, when my…

We inspected the farm thoroughly, and further investigation reveals absolute madness. Source: Author/Drone Inspection

The ranch is allegedly using State University Program and other intelligent tools to replace liquidated collateral with less valuable horses, while bank & oversight agency are none the wiser!

On March 4th, we reported on a large herd of allegedly malnourished “performance” horses and examined if small “Texas Star Bank” over-extended their capital (some of which is secured by livestock), before selling to their new parent: Bancorp Southbank (NYSE: BXS). BXS admitted in their annual investor filings that they didn’t pre-evaluate the assets of Texas Star. However, they’re now in the process of doing so. And, coincidentally, so were we!

Drone Inspection of Dufur Ranch, March 21st, 2020. Source: Author/

It all culminated in a covert drone-fly-by last Saturday, which covered the entirety of the main Dufur property, simply…

Dayton Turberville (left), son Henry (center), and wife Joya (right) plea for help from Peru

Upon Our Greatest Rescue Mission’s 50th Anniversary, An American Family’s Desperate Plea For Help Presents A Stark Reality

In three weeks, we will celebrate fifty years since NASA’s mission control team in Houston worked tirelessly to save the lives of three astronauts, following a disaster while en route to the moon on Apollo 13.

Despite catastrophe at an altitude of 200,000 miles from the earth’s surface — Mission flight director Eugene Krantz pronounced to his team that “failure is not an option.” Those words prompted a successful rescue effort.

This past Tuesday night, many know that Joe Biden won the Arizona primary. However, few know that three Arizona citizens are just a few of the hundreds being held…

A young horse allegedly of the same herd heavily secured by BancorpSouth Bank. Source: Facebook.

Investors in BancorpSouth Bank have some new horses considered assets, and they’re allegedly starving — as much as the bank appears to be struggling…

Bancorpsouth Bank (NYSE: BXS) is one of many public companies that hit a 52-week low last week. They are based in Tupelo, Mississippi, have been growing through acquisitions of other banks, and are now the country’s 84th largest financial institution (in terms of assets under management).

One of those acquisitions placed BXS in Oklahoma for the first time with a non-depository, loan processing branch in the city of Durant, just north of the Texas border. …

Penn Little

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